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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

If You Repeat A Lie More Than Once, Does That Mean It's The Truth?

I love the lie being put out there, and repeated over and over again. Joseph Lieberman didn't lose the Democratic nomination for the Senate because he was pro-war.

Some people voted against him because they were turned off by the fact that he announced that if he were to lose in the primary election, he would run for the seat as an Independent. In fact, many people said they were prepared to vote for Lieberman until he said that. He has nobody to blame but himself for losing those voters.

But I guess it's better to keep telling the same lie over and over again because then people will believe it eventually. He lost for far many more reasons than just his pro-war position.

The fact of the matter is, this man is on an ego trip. He talks about how he's going to do what's best for Connecticut and for America. I guess when he stood by and let the Supreme Court elect George Bush in 2000, he was just doing what was best for Connecticut and America.

This man has always done what's in the best interest of Joe Lieberman. When he first ran for the Senate, he said "I will not hold political office for more than 18 years." This was a reference to his opponent who had served 18 years in the Senate. Yet, Lieberman has served 18 years, and wants at least another 6 years in office. Hmm, I guess he has a selective memory. When he was selected in 2000 as Al Gore's running mate, he didn't devote his all to being elected as the Vice President. If he had, he would have given up his race to keep his Senate seat. But he didn't. He ran for both positions. When there was the dispute over the 2000 election, he could have stood up and objected. But he didn't. He put the kibosh on the opposition to Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. He supported the last minute legislation drawn up by the Republicans to stop the removal of Terry Schiavo's feeding tube. He claims to be for the average Joe (no pun intended), yet his wife was hired as a consultant for a major drug company lobbying firm. After she was hired, he introduced legislation that gave governmental kickbacks to the drug companies. For the average Joe, yeah right!!

Time after time, he has failed to do what's best for the people of Connecticut and for the people of America. This situation is no different. He can't stand the fact that people want changes in this country. He can't stand the fact that people don't agree with him. He can't stand the fact that people dared to take him on. And he can't stand the fact that people voted against him. I love how in his "concession" speech, he called himself an Independent Democrat. Yeah, okay!! What he needs to call himself is what he truly is, a Republican. I also love how he's decided to start a new political party which he has chosen to call Connecticut for Lieberman. Wow, and he's not on an ego trip? No, not quite!! He can run for the seat as an Independent all he wants. It doesn't mean he's going to win. The man clearly shows his audacity and arrogance when during his "concession" speech, he practically begged the people of the entire country to give him campaign contributions. If he wants to run for the seat as an Independent, he should pay for the campaign with his own money. He's the last person I would give a penny to.

Go Joe!! Go Home!! You're neither wanted nor needed!!


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