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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Good News And The Bad News

I know this story will make one of my regular readers very happy, and it will also make her want to puke.

The good news is that Tim Pawlenty has decided not to seek a third term as the governor of Minnesota. The bad news is that he may seek the Presidency.

That's music to my ears, and the ears of many Minnesota residents. This man has destroyed this state in so many ways. All I have to say is beware of him if he runs for President. He's a scumbag who will take this country beyond hell. If you don't believe me you should ask the people of this state what he's done.

We have two nicknames for him. PawlentyofBullshit because he's full of SHIT, and PawlentyofNothing because he's done NOTHING to help this state. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!


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