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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Parties And Other Bullshit

When was the last time I blogged here? Who cares, right? Let's get to the main event now before the expiration date, well, expires.

I have to talk about these tea parties that are taking place supposedly all over the country. You probably have heard these imbeciles say that this is NOT, repeat, NOT a right-wing event.

Sure, and the Pope ain't Catholic, a bear does not shit in the woods and the sun will not come out tomorrow.

When such brain-trusts as Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and Joe The Plumber Crack (someone flush this turd already) are arrayed around the country, you should seriously ask the question: how goddamn stupid do these slugs think we are?

Now, each and every one of you know how I feel about Barack Obama.

How I think that he's a corporate shill just the way Hannity, Gingrich and Joe Blow Me are.

How I think he says and does what his corporate masters want him to say and do, just like Rush Slimeball and Bill "Someone Lock My Ass Up For Sexual Harrassment And Stalking Already" O'Reilly do.

But what separates me from these ass-clowns is this:

I would be out there protesting these giant colossus corporations, hoping millions of my fellow Americans would be doing the same, but not really giving a shit if I was there alone.

Put GE out of business. Kick Goldman Sachs in the fucking nuts. Tell Citigroup to go fuck themselves.

Then and only then will the same old, same old end.

But, of course, these fucking nimrods go out and decide they're going to toss tea into water everywhere.

Let me ask you a question. Suppose this tea pollutes the shit out that water. Suppose some genius decides, instead of tea, he's going toss Drano or motor oil into the harbor, lake, pond, ocean, whatever. Suppose he decides to drive a car into the body of water (and wouldn't that be ironic?).

What do you think that genius is going to be shouting about in a couple months?

That's right. "We gotta fucking pay for the clean-up?!? Fucking environmentalists! Goddamn it!"

These people are so bright, I took my shades off a long time ago.

What's the real reason Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and Joe The War Correspondent are out there with the rest of the under-50 IQ house plants?

They didn't "win" the "election". Simple as that.

Someone else got into "power" and now they can't handle it. Anyone remember when these same dumbasses talked about people sucking off the government tit? Yeah, the irony is not lost on me, either.

So, not more than three months into the four years of the same old, same old that we've had forever, they want everyone to look the other way yet again. Want to divide the people up yet again. Want you to be under-50 IQ house plants yet again.

I, for one, am bored of all this shit.


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