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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Guardian, Israel, And "No Opinion"

I often find myself browsing The Guardian website for discussions on various topics. Yesterday I came across an interesting discussion that I wanted to continue here.

The writer of the piece that generated the discussion was talking about Israel, and how she's tired of being asked for an opinion on everything Israel related because she's Jewish.

Basically the writer explains that she doesn't feel that simply because she's Jewish she must answer for or condemn Israel's actions. She doesn't feel that she should even have to comment on them. Yeah, I agree!! Just because she's Jewish doesn't mean that she has to say anything. However, being a HUMAN BEING and all religion aside, how can you not have an opinion? The reality is, she does have an opinion.

She doesn't want to have to "justify" Israel's actions because there is no justification. What Israel has done and continues to do is not SELF-DEFENSE. It's called MURDER!!

I get a vibe from the article that perhaps she doesn't feel that what Israel did should be condemned. How can one not condemn the blatant targeting and killing of innocent people? Everyone is quick to condemn Hamas, yet they say nothing about Israel.

She doesn't want to have to comment on such issues because then she would have to say what SHE really thinks, and she can't use her religion as an excuse. After all, her opinion has nothing to do with being Jewish.

She went on to say:

"The question is, would a teacher dare to confront a second-generation Pakistani boy at school to explain why the Mumbai attacks happened? Would members of the public ring a British-Pakistani imam to demand answers? Of course not, and rightly so. The idea is preposterous and offensive. British Pakistanis here have no more control over actions of individuals from Pakistan or the Pakistani government than British Jews have over the Israeli government."

Must I point out the obvious? She clearly has no idea what she's talking about, and hasn't been paying attention to the world around her.

After 9/11, Muslims were targeted. They continue to be targeted. Anyone who even "appears" to be Muslim or of Middle Eastern heritage is targeted.

Each time there is a "terrorist" attack, there is always a demand for Muslims to condemn such attacks. There's never a demand for EVERYONE to condemn such attacks. It's always specific to one group of people!!

Unfortunately by the time I came across this piece the comments section was closed. I would have loved to respond!! Feel free to comment here!!


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