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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Assuming Makes An Ass Out Of You And Me

What's my favorite part of the Obama administration thus far?

Watching all of the people who assumed that he was going to be "different" or that there was going to be "change" coming to understand that, guess what, he isn't and there won't be.

The latest "victim"?


The real victims are those that the ACLU are representing.

From the ACLU list that I subscribe to:

"Dear ACLU Supporter,

"Yesterday, ACLU lawyers encountered a recurring -- and troubling --obstacle in our lawsuit seeking justice for torture victims caught upin the CIA's extraordinary rendition program. But this time, theobjections were not coming from the Bush administration.

"To our surprise and disappointment, the new Justice Department urged afederal appeals court to dismiss our lawsuit charging a Boeingsubsidiary with providing critical support for the CIA'srendition program based on the same "state secrets" claimthat the Bush administration had repeatedly invoked to avoid anyjudicial scrutiny of its actions. During the course of the argument,one judge asked twice if the change in administration had any bearingon the Justice Department's position. The attorney for thegovernment said that its position remained the same.

"This isn't the kind of change we need if we want an America wecan be proud of again.
If the judges rule in the government's favor, our clients -- whowere tortured as part of the government's rendition program --will never get their day in court."

Hmmm. Imagine, the Obama administration playing the exact same game that the Bush administration did. I can't believe it. I'm quite shocked.

Well, not really, because didn't I say something about there not being "change", oh, only for the last year, every single time I typed out some comment on this blog?

Weren't there people, other than me, warning about Obama and just how in bed he was with the status quo, the established order? And weren't they called racist or crazy or insane or told to shut the hell up and let him get into office before they criticized him?

He's in office now, is it okay to criticize him?

Congratulations, ACLU, on figuring out that Obama's not actually the guy that you thought he was. Too bad it'll be a short-lived awakening. By the time I read your next e-mail, I'm confident you'll be back in the fold.


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