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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hypocrisy At Its Finest!!

Imagine that!! People being hypocritical!! Big shocker!! Not!! People in Houston are pissed that the Quran was left on doorsteps.

Residents Angered by Group's Distribution of Korans

Some Houston residents are upset after Korans were left on the doorsteps of hundreds of homes in their neighborhood as part of a campaign to educate people about Islam.

Residents of Braes Timbers in southwest Houston began finding the holy books two weeks ago, MyFOXHouston.com reported. The Korans came with a note saying they had been left by the Book of Signs Foundation, which claims to have distributed 30,000 free copies of the texts to residents throughout the city.

"If we went into a Muslim country and left a Bible, we would be in prison and then decapitated a few years later," Sue Ann Pieri, a resident who chose not to destroy the book, as other neighbors did, told MyFOXHouston.com.

The foundation, which left the books on doormats or hanging from doorknobs, said in a note accompanying the Koran that "rather than judging Islam and Muslims by the actions of a few, we want our fellow citizens to judge us by the book that influences and guides the lives of over 1 billion Muslims."

Tarick Hussein, the president of Houston's Council on American-Islamic Relations, told the station he believes the Book of Signs Foundation wants to educate non-Muslims about the religion.

He told MyFOXHouston.com: "This is a very peaceful way of conveying a message."

This is really very hypocritical!! I wonder how many of these people that are bitching are Christians. Christians have no problem going door to door, "spreading the word of God" to anyone and everyone. But when someone of a different faith leaves their book on their doorstep, all of a sudden it's horrifying!!

I've had my fair share of annoying Christians knocking on my door, trying to preach to me from their Bible and trying to con me into going to their church. One woman was so annoying that she would show up every weekend. It got so bad that I had to post a No Religious Soliciting sign on my door. When she came back one weekend, she was going to knock on the door but saw the sign and walked away.

These people don't take no for an answer. You can tell them that you have a religious faith or belong to a church, and they still try to preach to you. They pull out their Bibles, and preach away even after you ask them to leave. They don't care!! They don't listen.

I really don't have a problem with what happened here. It's not like they went knocking on doors. It's not like they hounded people in Houston. They simply left their book on doorsteps. Ooh, arrest them!!

By the way, would these people be bitching if Jewish people left books on their doorsteps? How about people of other Christian faiths? Buddhists? Hindus? I would say, it's highly unlikely.

They're simply bitching because it was the big, bad, evil Muslims!! And for that I say, FUCK YOU HOUSTON!!

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