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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Did Portugal Learn Nothing From Brazil?

I've kept my mouth pretty much shut for the last four months on the whole Madeleine McCann story. But not anymore!!

Did Portugal learn nothing from Brazil? You may be asking, what the hell am I talking about. So, allow me to explain. Two U.S. pilots flying a private plane were involved in a collision that involved a Brazilian airliner. All those aboard the Brazilian airliner were killed. After the crash, the two U.S. pilots were not allowed to leave Brazil for two months and their passports were confiscated. Eventually they were allowed to return to the United States but only under the agreement that they would return to Brazil for questioning and to stand trial. Guess what? As soon as they got back to the United States, they said HELL NO to returning to Brazil. No way, no how would they return to Brazil. They said they will testify in the United States instead of going back to Brazil. Thus, they have essentially violated the terms of their release.

I ask, did Portugal learn nothing from Brazil? Apparently not!! They allowed the McCann's to return to England under the condition that they would return to Portugal for questioning. Are we honestly supposed to believe that these people are going to willingly return to Portugal? Hell no!! They're not going back!! In fact, they're trying to get the British Foreign Secretary involved in order to prevent any attempt to charge them in the death of their daughter if she is dead. It's truly pathetic if you ask me!! What's next? Are they going to ask George Bush to bomb Portugal so that they don't have to return for questioning or possible charges?

You can call me cruel. You can call me a bitch. Call me whatever you want. I don't have any sympathy for these two people. They're pleading for privacy and a chance to have a "normal" life. With all due respect (which really isn't any), these two set this rollercoaster in motion by leaving their children alone in a room in the villa that they were staying at if we're supposed to believe that story. If that story is true, I'm not implying that they deserved what happened. But, come off it with the innocent me routine. What the hell were they thinking by leaving three children under the age of 4 alone in a room while they went to have dinner? Clearly, they weren't thinking. No loving, attentive parent would EVER leave their child or children alone especially in a foreign country where they don't know what goes on. That's called CHILD ENDANGERMENT!! PERIOD!! I don't give a damn if they went back frequently to check on them. That's not the point. The point is, they left three little children alone. That's not okay. That's negligent!!

Things aren't adding up!! Check out the timeline of events according to the McCann's. Then, read what their friends said.

Quite frankly, I'm not going to say what I think happened because it would probably get me sued. So, I'll refrain from sharing my opinion for now.

However, I will address a few issues. People are saying, there is no way they could have been involved here. What parent kills their own child? Um, Susan Smith anybody? She put on a show for a few days pretending that her children were kidnapped by a black man who supposedly carjacked her vehicle with the two boys inside. We all know how that story ended. She killed her own children, then put on a show for all the world to see until she finally confessed!! I'm not saying that this is the same situation. What I am saying is that people need to wake up and stop being so damn naive. Parents kill children.

If they had nothing to do with this, at the very least they need to be charged with child endangerment and negligence. As I already pointed out, they left their children alone. Anyone who thinks that this is acceptable needs to have his or her head examined!!

The only people that I have sympathy for are Madeleine be she alive or deceased, and her siblings because they don't have their sister. They are the only truly innocent ones in all of this!!

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