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Friday, May 18, 2007

The Catholic Church, Plan B, And Connecticut

Yet again the Catholic Church has decided to inject itself into government business. This time, they've decided to go after the Plan B legislation in Connecticut.

(Hartford-WTNH)_The hierarchy of the catholic church in Connecticut is making a final attempt to change the new Plan B law. It requires all hospitals in the state to provide emergency contraception to rape victims.

What problem does the Catholic Church have with rape victims? If the Catholic Church isn't suggesting that women may lie that they were raped just to get the morning after pill, they're busy trying to stop a pregnant rape victim from aborting her rapist's spawn. I seriously want to know what the hell their problem is with rape victims. They don't give a damn about a rape victim, and if they tell you otherwise they're full of shit. Just look at the child rape victims of the Catholic Church if you need any other proof that they don't give a damn.

Harris is the one who negotiated with representatives of the church to a compromise he was told the church would accept. The compromise has a third person dispense the Plan B pill as has been done in New York and New Jersey. But sources said Mansell later claimed that was not acceptable to him.

Excuse me? Since when does the Catholic Church get a say in government business? There is such a thing as SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. By "negotiating" with the Catholic Church, that separation has been violated.

On another note, why is Harris the least bit shocked that the "compromise" was rejected by the Catholic Church when they said they would accept it? It's not like they've never lied before!!

Lawmakers passed the law anyway and Gov. Jodi Rell has now signed it. It is possible to change the law through what is called a technical adjustment, but that would have to be done by June 6th.

The Archbishop said the church is considering all options, including a court challenge to the law.

Go right ahead Mr. Archbishop!! You can sue all you want. But the fact remains that this is the law. I've heard several Catholics make comments about how people of other religions should shut up and follow the law because it's the law. They say that even though certain laws may go against a religious belief, it's still the law. So, perhaps the Catholic Church should take its own advice and shut up because it's THE LAW!!

I wouldn't count on it though because these people don't know how to shut up and follow the law. They try everything they can do to avoid having to follow the law, be it about abortion, Plan B, gays, or anything else that they feel is "against THEIR religious beliefs."

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