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Monday, October 02, 2006

Yet Another Case Of Excessive Use Of Force By Police

A man in Madison Township, Ohio was tasered by two police officers for over a minute and died on Friday. They were responding to a disturbance call, and said the man was probably on drugs.

A friend of the deceased man said that he was wrestled to the ground, and instead of handcuffing him or using pepper spray they continued to taser him for over a minute. As a result of the tasering, the man died.

This is yet another case of excessive use of force by police. I agree with the man's friend. There's absolutely no excuse for the reaction by police. The man didn't have a weapon. He was already on the ground. Yet, they chose to continue to taser him. Why? Because you can? Ooh, you're real big men to do that!! Way to go!! Of course nothing will be done. There will be no criminal action taken against them. They will sit on paid administrative leave, and then they'll be right back out there on the streets to do it again to someone else.

The assistant police chief said the department has suspended using them until they can be sure they are working properly.

Hello moron!! There was nothing wrong with the taser guns. They were working just fine, otherwise this man wouldn't have been tasered and he wouldn't be dead. Geez, people are so fucking stupid and will make any excuse in the book. Oh yeah, they weren't functioning properly!! My ass they weren't!!

What should have been done is this man should have been wrestled to the ground, handcuffed, taken to a local hospital for medical treatment especially if he was in fact on drugs, and then taken to jail. He should have never been killed because the police don't know how to exercise restraint or use their brains. Talk about wrongful death here!!


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