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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Is It Another Excuse? Foley Alleges Abuse!!

Foley is alleging now that he was abused by clergy when he was a teenager. This is yet another attempt to excuse his pedophilia.

First there was the complete denial that anything ever happened with the Congressional pages. Then, he abruptly quits his job in Congress. After that he mysteriously enters rehab for alcohol treatment. Now his lawyer comes out and says he was abused as a teenager. Which excuse are you going with Foley?

This sick asshole is seeking sympathy from the public. He's seeking attention for himself. He doesn't give a damn about the fact that he ruined the lives of others, especially of the pages. He's trying to paint the picture of insanity and addiction that caused him to do what he did. He's trying to paint this picture so that, oh I don't know, he can cop a plea when he's charged. This sick bastard deserves to rot in jail like all the other pedophiles out there. But given the fact of who he is, he'll skate. If he's charged, he'll probably get probation and mandatory treatment. He'll be put back out on the streets to do it again. And nobody will care.


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